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Executive Summary The Cannabis industry in Southeast Asia takes off!

The past years of speculation prompted a dedicated Hong Kong-Thailand consortium, led by Mr. Henry Wu, to establish a company in Vientiane, Lao PDR. His group forecasted the day a Cannabis industry would take off. Henry Wu establisheded Sativa Asia Co., Ltd., and obtained the proper licenses, permits and agreements for business and research with the University of Laos Vientiane, and governmental Ministries.

This pragmatic plan illustrates a path forward for CBD and Cannabis related leadership in Lao PDR, and leadership in the entire ASEAN Region, while looking towards a global presence for Sativa Asia and the other emerging companies that will follow Hernry Wu and Sativa Asia’s path forward.

The key elements of Sativa Asia’s plan begins with the following information that should not construed as a prospectus:  

1.   18/01/2019 Enterprise Registration Agreement signed.

2.   11/11/2019 Mutual Cooperative Agreement signed with PhD. Sitthixnay Xayyavong, Head of Research and Academic Administration Office “to cooperate on Science Research and Development Cannabis production systems in order to produce high quality Cannabis fibers and medicinal extracts to sell as domestic and international market.” National University of Lao

3.   20/03/2020 Enterprise Registration Agreement adjusted to include Cannabinoid extraction manufacturing.

4.   24/03/2020, Sativa Asia Co. Ltd. formed enterprise wholly owned by Henry Wu and his wife from Thailand.

5.   24/03/2020 Certificate of Enterprise Registration is issued.

6.   ?December 15, 2020, signs cooperative agreements for in-house expertise from alliance partners for research, training for Lao employees in manufacturing knowledge, and operations for Medicinal Grade Cannabis and a variety of Cannabinoid nutraceuticals.

7.   ?December 19, 2020, Sativa Asia partners with ?Dr ____ from  ?Lao Vientiane University to build and operate cultivation research facilities under the guidelines and requirements specified in the license and objectives of the 2020 Lao Economic Development P

8.   ?March 21, 2021, Sativa Asia opened for additional investments.  

Sativa Asia Co., Ltd., No. 522, Unit 24,
Ban Thongkang Sisattanak District,
Vientiane Lao PDR

Tel. +06591132777

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